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opacity of overlaid face #7

heaversm opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi - I was trying to increase the opacity of the overlaid face (or reduce blending). I noticed that decreasing the strength decreases the opacity, but increasing it did not seem to make it any more opaque. Where can I adjust this?


increasing strength is the only way to do this. the blending algorithm is not based on a traditional opacity-based blending technique, so you can't just "turn up the opacity". if you want to do that, then it makes more sense to just remove the cloning algorithm completely and use a normal alpha-masked face. but this will make the lighting and colors look completely unrealistic. i hope that makes sense!


Thanks - definitely makes sense. Realism isn't quite what I'm going for, but maybe I'll experiment with removing the cloning and see how it looks. Thanks again for all your help. I've really enjoyed playing with this code.

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