Idiomatic bindings for Gstreamer on Rust.
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Gstreamer 1.0 Rust bindings

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Idiomatic bindings for Gstreamer on Rust.

From version 0.8 on this crate is now autogenerated from gstreamer and hosted here instead: If you want to keep using the old API you'll need to stick to version 0.7.

To use it you need to install GStreamer first, in linux it's usually installed with the distribution or avaliable through the package manager in other platforms from:

The wrapped objects do the ref/unref of the native GObjects themselves when references are dropped.

Most of the communication with the library can be done through mpsc::Receivers to get messages, samples...

To build the examples:

cargo test


  • creates a pipeline that opens the default audio input and calculates the rms of the incomming sound.


  • creates a pipeline using an appsrc that allows to send data into the pipeline. In this case it generates video in rust code that is visualized through a default autovideosink.

target/examples/gst-launch gstreamer-pìpeline

  • creates any gstreamer pipeline, to test for example: target/examples/gst-launch videotestsrc ! autovideosink

target/examples/playbin mediafile

  • creates a playbin opening and playing back the path passed as argument


  • linux only, opens the default camera and shows the output through the default video sink (uses autovideosink)

The docs can be found at