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* PrimeSense NITE 1.3 *
* Copyright (C) 2010 PrimeSense Ltd. *
* *
#include <XnStringsHash.h>
#include "XnVMessageListener.h"
* A XnVFlowRouter is a Message Listener, that holds another single Listener internally,
* and sends any Message it gets to that Listener.
* The single internal Listener (referred to as the Active Control) may be changed,
* thus enabling to create the application's automaton.
class XNV_NITE_API XnVFlowRouter :
public XnVMessageListener
* Constructor. Create a new Flow Router
* @param [in] strName Name of the control, for log purposes.
XnVFlowRouter(const XnChar* strName = "XnVFlowRouter");
virtual ~XnVFlowRouter();
* Change the active Control.
* If a session is kept, it is closed to the old Active Control (CloseOldSession),
* and then opened to the new Active Control (OpenNewSession)
* @param [in] pActive The new Active Control
XnStatus SetActive(XnVMessageListener* pActive);
* Get the current active Control
* @return The current active Control
XnVMessageListener* GetActive() const;
* Send any Message received to the active Control
* @param [in] pMessage The Message to route to the active Control
void Update(XnVMessage* pMessage);
* Clear the Multi-threading queue
void ClearQueue();
virtual void CloseOldSession();
virtual void OpenNewSession();
XnVMessageListener* m_pActive;
XnStringsHash m_Properties; // for last points
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