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* PrimeSense NITE 1.3 *
* Copyright (C) 2010 PrimeSense Ltd. *
* *
#include "XnVPointControl.h"
#include "XnVSessionListener.h"
struct XnVNiteMultiprocessData;
class XnVMultiprocessWriteSynchronizer;
* XnVMultiProcessFlowServer is both a XnVPointControl and a SessionListener. When placed into a NITE flow
* it stores the latest state it has according to events that arrive (PointCreate/Update/Destroy,
* SessionCreate/SessionDestroy, etc.) and calls WriteState.
* When WriteState() is called, it publishes the current state into a shared memory section.
* Clients (XnVMultiProcessFlowClient objects) which read the published state can then trigger the same
* events in different processes.
* NOTE: The object is NOT thread-safe, meaning, the WriteState and Reset methods must be called
* from the same thread that XnVPointListener::Update() is called on the point-listener
* which is connected to the server
class XNV_NITE_API XnVMultiProcessFlowServer :
public XnVPointControl,
public XnVSessionListener
* Create a XnVMultiProcessFlowServer
* @param [in] strSectionName The name of the Shared Memory section to which we will write
* @param [in] strName Name of the control, for log purposes.
XnVMultiProcessFlowServer(const XnChar* strSectionName, const XnChar* strName = "XnVMultiProcessFlowServer");
* Initialize the shared-memory
* Must be called before the first call to WriteState.
* @return XN_STATUS_OK on successful init, XN_STATUS_* error code otherwise
XnStatus Initialize();
* Reset stored state. Does not publish the state to clients. Calling WriteState()
* directly after calling this method will destroy the session and all points in clients.
* NOTE: Reset MUST be called before re-connecting a Server into a Nite flow, or undefined
* behavior will occur due to stale state data inside the server
void Reset();
* Handle new hands batch. Write to internal state, to be written to the shared memory.
* @param [in] hands The current state of the hands
void Update(const XnVMultipleHands& hands);
XnStatus WriteState();
void OnPointCreate(const XnVHandPointContext* pContext);
void OnPointUpdate(const XnVHandPointContext* pContext);
void OnPointDestroy(XnUInt32 nID);
void OnPrimaryPointCreate(const XnVHandPointContext* pContext, const XnPoint3D& ptSessionStarter);
void OnPrimaryPointUpdate(const XnVHandPointContext* pContext);
void OnPrimaryPointDestroy(XnUInt32 nID);
void OnSessionStart(const XnPoint3D& ptPosition);
void OnSessionEnd();
void OnFocusStartDetected(const XnChar* strFocus, const XnPoint3D& ptPosition, XnFloat fProgress);
void CheckSessionStarted();
XnUInt32 m_nWriteCount;
XnVMultiprocessWriteSynchronizer* m_pWritingLock;
XnVNiteMultiprocessData* m_pCurrentState;
XnVIntHash m_IdToIndex;
XnBool m_bFocusStartSinceUpdate;
const XnVMultipleHands* m_pCurrentHands;
#endif // _XNV_POINT_SERVER_H_
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