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* *
* PrimeSense NITE 1.3 *
* Copyright (C) 2010 PrimeSense Ltd. *
* *
#include "XnVMessage.h"
#include "XnVMultipleHands.h"
* A XnVPointMessage is a Message holding a Multi Hands
class XNV_NITE_API XnVPointMessage :
public XnVMessage
* Constructor. Create a Point Message with a Multi Hands.
* @param [in] pHands The Multi Hands to use in the Point Message
XnVPointMessage(const XnVMultipleHands* pHands);
* Create a new Message of the same type (Point Message), with a clone of the same data (the same Multi Hands)
* @return The new message
XnVMessage* Clone() const;
* The default type for Point Messages - "Point"
static const XnChar* ms_strType;
const XnVMultipleHands* m_pHands;
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