A man's home is his castle. Never leave your dotfiles behind.
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Common shell stuff, dotfiles and little utilities.

All the dotfiles in ~/$HOME are symbolic links with the corresponding file to this repository. Therefore, I can now modify the files directly in this repository and the changes will be applied to the system.

GitHub <-> dotfiles <- ~/$HOME


Clone the repository and run the bootstrap command:

git clone git@github.com:arturoherrero/dotfiles.git
sh bootstrap

Update the dotfiles

To update the dotfiles, I can pull the latest change from the repository or I can just use a shell function anywhere:


Custom configuration

Using system/zcustom.sh file, I can add any custom configuration that is not going to be persisted in the repository.

Who made this?

This was made by Arturo Herrero under the MIT License. Find me on Twitter @ArturoHerrero.