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Knapsack splits tests across CI nodes and makes sure that tests will run comparable time on each node.
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Do you use Heroku?

Do you know Knapsack Pro Ruby gem is available as Heroku add-on that's currently in beta and it's free to all beta users? It works with your current CI server.

Knapsack Pro has Queue Mode that will split Ruby & JS tests in a dynamic way across parallel CI nodes to ensure each parallel job takes a similar time. Thanks to that there is no bottleneck in your CI pipelines.

See introduction how the Knapsack Pro add-on works

You may also find useful article how to run parallel dynos on Heroku CI to complete tests faster

Do you know

  • Adding 3rd party tool to CI is risky so Knapsack Pro can run your tests in Fallback Mode even when our API is not available.
  • We don't need access to your repository. Knapsack Pro is just wrapper around test runner like RSpec, Cucumber, Minitest etc.
  • Hundreds of developers use Knapsack Pro every day to run fast CI builds.
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