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An amazingly fast, simple and extendable content management system, built on top of Laravel

SynthesisCMS is an amazingly fast, simple and extendable content management system, built on top of Laravel. Stunningly safe and designed both for humans and programmers.


  • Install php & enable php modules required by Laravel: mbstring, dom, pdo, json, bcmath, gd.
  • Clone the repo (git clone
  • chown the public & storage directories recursively for the proper user, e.g. chown -R www-data:www-data storage (repeat for public)
  • set read/write permissions on the storage & cache directories, using the script
  • npm install
  • Compile the assets: npm run prod (or npm run dev for development, does not compress the files)
  • Configure the DB user, password & server parameters in .env
  • Install PHP modules required by Laravel: apt install php-mbstring php-pdo php-tokenizer php-json php-xml php-ctype php-bcmath php-gd
  • apt install composer zip
  • composer install
  • Migrate & seed DB tables: composer install-database
  • Optionally: it is advised not to place the CMS in your server's public directory, although the CMS has .htaccess files configured to protect critical files & source code from being accessed remotely. You should place the CMS outside of this directory and create a symlink to the public directory instead

Note: make sure to enable mod_rewrite on your server. This enables the CMS to handle all requests & protects your config files from being accessed remotely via http in case you place the CMS root directory in your server's public directory

Done! Your SynthesisCMS instance should be up & running.


The SynthesisCMS project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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