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A raspberry pi based streamer box

Get Started!


Our Raspberry Pi Setup Guide walks you through setting up your pi to attach to a wireless network and start streaming ARTxFM!

Optional code to do cool stuff

"checkin -- Run periodically to report status and turn LED on/off. checkin.py

"voulmed" -- Program to monitor the volume pot and adjust the audio output level. See VOLD

"ledctl" -- Program that can turn our awesome LED on and off. See LED

Admin/Web Interface

The boxes we are building at ARTxFM are designed to checkin with a server.

See boxmaster

Features of hypothetical ARTxFM box

  1. Connects to local wifi and streams ARTxFM.
  2. Audio output through 3.5mm stereo jack
  3. Standard 2 prong plug for power.
  4. Has LED that lights up when some sort of ARTxFM special event is going on.
  5. Periodically checks in with a web service to find out if it should update itself or turn on/off its special event LED.
  6. Basic web UI that lists all the known boxes with their check in history.

Originally we had a volume control knob, but in practice this is not useful. Just having the pi on max volume is fine for hookup to all the amplifiers that we have tried.

Hardware Components


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. SD card
  3. WiFi module (~$12)
  4. power supply


  1. Enclosure
  2. panel mount 3.5mm female stereo jack
  3. LED for "awesome activity"
  4. misc resistors
  5. wiring

And if you want to add a knob...

  1. ADC chip (eg, MCP3008)
  2. nice knob for the pot
  3. panel mount pot (volume control)
  4. small breadboard for adc and mix wiring