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a WebExtension used to notice yo to take a break every 50 minutes
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Eyes Alarm

what's this?

Web extension used to notice it's time to rest your eyes.


every 50 min passed, rest for 10 mins
custom of time and sound is available

counter will be reset if you dont make any input for 20 mins
or your computer is locked up

browsers' support

higher version is better

  • Chrome (56 👌)
  • Vivaldi (latest 👌)
  • Cent (latest 👌)
  • Firefox (52 👌)
    • Idle API locked status
  • Firefox for Android 😰
    • BrowserAction API
  • Edge 😰
    • Alarms API
    • Idle API
    • Notification API
    • extension.getViews


  • Chinese Artyom Liou
  • English Artyom Liou
  • French Anciaux Yoann
  • German Julius Rummel
  • Japanese Jie Ting Wu
  • Korean Winnie Wu
  • Russian VladimirCreative

new localization

If you want to add a localization, please check HERE
By this english localization you may be able to make your own localization

If you find something text did not fit your culture well, you may change that without losing functional meaning.

After finished, please email the file to me (
I will try checking the content,
If everything seems to be OK, i will make update ASAP and add your name here





license related

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