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Why do I need this?

This is a plugin that allows you to use JMH in the same way as JUnit. Here are the features that are already implemented:

  1. @Benchmark method generation
  2. Running a separate @Benchmark method
  3. Running all the benchmarks in a class

How do I use this?

First of all, you must have jmh-core and jmh-generator-annprocess on the classpath of your module.

After that install the plugin. You can do this directly from IDEA — search for JMH in plugin repositories.

Then you can use the plugin the same way you use JUnit. To generate a new benchmark method run Generate... action. In Mac OS it is Ctrl + N Or just right click in your editor pane and select Generate micro benchmark.

To run a separate benchmark method move the cursor to the method declaration and invoke Run action. In Mac OS it is Ctrl + Shift + F10. Do the same actions to run all the benchmarks in a class, just move your cursor to the class declaration.

Invoking Run actions will create a new configuration with default parameters JMH provides. If you want to change these parameters just edit this configuration. By now it's not possible to set default parameters for all configurations.

Please, note that when running a benchmark Annotation processing is automatically enabled in your IDE.

Doesn't it affect the quality of my benchmarks?

A brief research shows that benchmark results are affected, but not that much. The whole research is described in Research results. Long story short, the maximum means difference observed was 2.2%.

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