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SpiderMonkey 1.70 with native JSON support
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Back porting native JSON support from SpiderMonkey 1.85 to SpiderMonkey 1.70.

  • What is "native JSON support"?

    • The "JSON" object.
    • "JSON.parse()" function which parse a JS object into JSON string.
    • "JSON.stringify()" function which generate a JS object from a JSON string.
  • Why?

    • SpiderMonkey is a widely used opensource JS engine, I'm also using it to do script binding for some C++ applications.
    • The JSAPI provide by SpiderMonkey v1.85 has evolved without backward compatibility, a lagcy code base I'm using is not able to upgrade to new API in a short time.
    • SpiderMonkey v1.70 doesn't provide native JSON support, and the later version since v1.70 requires MinGW to build on Windows platform.

This project is to provide a native SpiderMonkey lib/dll on Windows with native JSON support.

  • How to build?
    • Open Visual Studio Command Prompt
    • Debug build: nmake -f "js.mak" CFG="jsshell - Win32 Debug"
    • Release build: nmake -f "js.mak" CFG="jsshell - Win32 Release"
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