Unofficial (meaning not supported by or affiliated with Microsoft) recipes for autopkg
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Unofficial (meaning not maintained by Microsoft) Office (and Microsoft-related) Recipes for AutoPkg

This repo contains update recipes for Lync (RIP), SkypeForBusiness](—-see-what-s-new-aba02d7e-c801-4a82-bccd-e7207240f612)), AutoUpdate 3.x (AKA MAU), and the Office 2016 suite in addition to standalone, license-able installers for the individual office apps. (OneNote can be obtained from the Mac App Store, so it is only partially included.)

What the who?

These used to be located in the autopkg/microsoft-recipes and autopkg/arubdesu-recipes repos, but they grew in number and variety to the point that it made sense to gather them all in one place.

These are more than just traditional 'update' recipes - while the original intention of autopkg was to grab updates by using mechanisms that are as-close-as-possible to the native polling an apps auto-update functionality would use, Office 2016 has many deployment permutations to consider. All of the products referenced above have 'combo' update flavored packages, which install the entire product. MAU and Lync are less of a concern, as they do not require licensing... but the story becomes interesting with Office 2016:

  • While Office 2016 can be deployed in many ways, it comes in several different flavored installers:
    • Standalone, meaning each individual product install has a bundled version of MAU
    • Volume Licensed (VL), per-product or full suite installers
    • 'Combo' updates, similar to how Lync updates are full, potentially-installable versions
    • 'Delta' updates, which are currently considered out-of-scope
  • And finally, there is the new concept of a 'SKU-less' installer, meaning a version of the suite that can be installed (except in an AutoDMG workflow) and licensed for O365 or volume licensing after the fact.

Besides the VL suite installer and the SKU-less version, the Standalone flavor can also be licensed because it contains the proper support files.

Breakdown Graphic

All the things!

Like Pokemon, we've gotta catch them all most. Contained in this repo is a custom AutoPkg processor that allows you to fetch the standalone flavors of the Office 2016 apps. It is considered a better idea, rather than duplicating the logic in MAU to find the delta you need between the app you have and the current version, just use something like MAUCacheAdmin.

A separate set of recipes operate on the SKU-less suite. The included JSS-README describes a workflow for deploying the 2016 apps along with policy templates that even enable it to be licensed if you supply the 15.17+ bundled 'VL Serializer' package.

Standalone/SKU-Less Installer(s) + Munki Note

For those who have left MAU out of their deployment and want to continue doing so, you'll want to add ChoiceChangesXML to your override's pkginfo stanza, like so: