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Programming Foundations with Python by Udacity

Introductory programming class for Python from Udacity Website

In this repository you will find the scripts developed during the fantastic Udacity training Udacity Python foundamentals

  • Project Take a Break: Do you know a friend who works too many hours? We will write a program that schedules breaks throughout the day -- reminding your friend to listen to music, get up and dance to their favorite song, or just walk away from the computer every once in awhile. Take a break
  • Project Profanity Editor: Imagine it’s late at night and you get an email from your boss, requesting your help with something. You reply, “I can take a shot at it” but accidentally end up including an awkward word (sh*t). Oops. We will write a python program that detects curse words, and saves clumsy email writers from embarrassing moments. Project Profanity
  • Movie Website: We will learn how to make an awesome webpage that lists your favorite movies and shows their trailers. Movie Website

You see the result of the first project here: Udacity Movies

You can push it to IBM Bluemix or Cloud Foundry with the following command:

cf push -b <appname>

To run the Movie Website project, from command line, run:


This will generate the HTML page and then load it in browser. Enjoy!

![alt tag](