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To complete soon

  • Auto-detect new files (elisee is looking into this using the 'stalker' lib)
  • Can we fix intermittent lack of new line breaks when running in multi-process mode? Anyone any ideas?
  • Investigate Connect Auth and Everyauth. Choose which one to integrate, bearing in mind Models coming in 0.3
  • Re-implement Basic Auth using chosen Auth framework and document use with Facebook Connect etc
  • Write more tests for errors which can be displayed in the browser's console over websockets
  • Test SocketStream with Node 0.5/0.6 once Connect 2.0 is ready. Apart from that we should be able to support it fully in single process mode at least
  • Can we add gzip compression to static assets?

Pushed back for a future release

  • Make 'socketstream frontend' utalize multiple cores - most likely using Node 0.5 child_process.fork()
  • Refactor coffee compile so we don't repeat ourselves (part of a Client Asset Manager rewrite)
  • Can we detect and handle idle clients better on the browser. Would be good if it could emit an event after a period of inactivity we can then emit server-side.