Access a database from a Java application deployed in DC/OS
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Java + Database on DC/OS

This repository shows how to deploy a Java application talking to a database on DC/OS.

Specifically, a Java EE application deployed in WildFly talking to a Couchbase database.

  1. Launch DC/OS CloudFormation template

  2. If not done already, download CLI

  3. dcos config set core.dcos_url

  4. dcos auth login

  5. dcos config show core.dcos_acs_token

    1. Copy the value in .dcos-token

  6. dcos package install marathon-lb

  7. Update app-definition.json with PublicSlaveDnsAddress

  8. Update pom.xml with DnsAddress

  9. Deploy app: mvn install -Pdcos

  10. Show services deployed at http://<DnsAddress>;

  11. Access application: curl http://<PublicSlaveDnsAddress>/airlines/resources/airline