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consul updating to version 2 Feb 24, 2016
couchbase-bucket updating the image/directory name Feb 12, 2016
couchbase-node attempting to create v3 files Jan 22, 2017
couchbase-server add shebang so docker doesnt throw exec error Mar 24, 2017
couchbase-windows updating to use powershell Oct 18, 2016
couchbase add shebang so docker doesnt throw exec error Mar 24, 2017
flent fixing as explained at tohojo/flent#143 Jul 13, 2018
hello-world-image adding a simple Hello World image Oct 25, 2015
javaee7-hol removing redundant files Jul 10, 2015
javaee7-simple-sample adding Docker image for a simple sample Jul 10, 2015
javaee7-test adding sample file to run tests Dec 9, 2014
jboss-eap added docs Dec 21, 2015
jboss-eap7-nosql adding Compose definition for EAP + Couchbase Dec 21, 2015
kubernetes Added support for DNS. Kubernetes site suggest to add dns support by … Nov 9, 2015
liberty-couchbase-javaee7 starting work on Liberty Profile and Couchbase Dec 4, 2015
minecraft starting work on Minecraft image Apr 13, 2015
mysql-data-container adding Dockerfile and instructions for MySQL data-only container Apr 12, 2015
oracle-jdk build Docker image using Oracle JDK Oct 20, 2016
service-rolling-update updating the app with a different colored background Sep 13, 2016
wildfly-admin updated instructions Jan 5, 2015
wildfly-centos separating arguments Dec 2, 2014
wildfly-compose adding WildFly Compose definition Nov 30, 2015
wildfly-couchbase-javaee7-network adding a new image to run with custom network Dec 4, 2015
wildfly-couchbase-javaee7 fixing the image name Mar 12, 2017
wildfly-logstash adding a new image to enable logstash in WildFly Jul 30, 2015
wildfly-management adding a new image for docker-java lab Jul 9, 2015
wildfly-mysql-javaee7 updating the JDBC URI to use Docker 1.9 networking Nov 8, 2015
wildfly-override adding a new Docker Compose file to show port override Nov 8, 2015
wildfly-ubuntu fixing CLI Dec 2, 2014
wildfly changing the version to 9.0.0.Final Jul 10, 2015
.gitignore adding files to be ignored Jul 10, 2015
README.asciidoc updating description Feb 27, 2016


Docker Images

Bunch of Docker images for fun