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set -x
set -m
/ couchbase-server &
sleep 15
# Setup index and memory quota
curl -v -X POST -d memoryQuota=300 -d indexMemoryQuota=300
# Setup services
curl -v -d services=kv%2Cn1ql%2Cindex
# Setup credentials
curl -v -d port=8091 -d username=Administrator -d password=password
# Setup Memory Optimized Indexes
curl -i -u Administrator:password -X POST -d 'storageMode=memory_optimized'
# Load travel-sample bucket
#curl -v -u Administrator:password -X POST -d '["travel-sample"]'
echo "Type: $TYPE"
if [ "$TYPE" = "WORKER" ]; then
echo "Sleeping ..."
sleep 15
#IP=`hostname -s`
IP=`hostname -I | cut -d ' ' -f1`
echo "IP: " $IP
echo "Auto Rebalance: $AUTO_REBALANCE"
if [ "$AUTO_REBALANCE" = "true" ]; then
couchbase-cli rebalance --cluster=$COUCHBASE_MASTER:8091 --user=Administrator --password=password --server-add=$IP --server-add-username=Administrator --server-add-password=password
couchbase-cli server-add --cluster=$COUCHBASE_MASTER:8091 --user=Administrator --password=password --server-add=$IP --server-add-username=Administrator --server-add-password=password
fg 1
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