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RakeMigration gives you relief when you are working in a team and you have different-2 application environments.
This plugin helps to run rake tasks in series and keep track of tasks which are pending on environment.
This plugin works is similar to db migrations.
If you working in a team environment where you forget to tell your team member to run a rake task, Then this plugin will help you a lot.
Rails 2_x users
ruby script/plugin install git:// -r 2_X
Rails 3
rails plugin install git://
Usage: script/generate rake_migration FileName
Stubs out a new rake migration. Pass the file name, either
A file is generated in rake/migrate prefixed by a timestamp of the current date and time.
`./script/generate rake_migration SetAllUserActive`
If the current date is May 14, 2008 and the current time 09:09:12, this creates
If our User Model having a boolean column for active.
# Can add this code in file to update set user as active.
#User.all.each do |u|
# u.update_attribute(:active, true)
Apply Changes:
To apply your changes into the Application need to run
rake rake_migration:migrate
Will run pending file onto your Application DB.
rake rake_migration:migrate:run VERSION=XXXXXX
Will run only specified version number file
Submitting Patches
Fork the project.
Commit your feature or bug fix.
Add tests for it. This is important so it doesn’t break in the future.
Do not mess with gemspec, version, or history. (If you want to have your own version, that’s fine, but please do so in a separate commit.)
Submit a pull request.
Vishnu Atrai
Copyright (c) 2010 [Arun Agrawal], released under the MIT license