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Git credentials management made easy.


Use pip or pip3 to install git-credential-netconf

pip install git-credential-netconf


pip3 install git-credential-netconf


Credential management in Git should not be difficult to use or configure, but (unfortunately) looking at the existing tools, it is difficult to even think about it, let alone configure them without errors.


Presenting git-credential-netconf, an easy yet powerful way to manage your Git credentials by harnessing the power of GnuPG!

Usage Overview

The following guide assumes you have a GPG key and you have installed git-credential-netconf.

  1. Create a .netconf file in your home directory.

    touch ~/.netconf
  2. Start by filling in your username and password:

    login = yourname
    password = very-secret-password

    The .netconf file uses configuration file format.

    Read more about .netconf file.

  3. Encrypt your .netconf file with gpg

    gpg --recipient --output ~/.netconf.gpg --encrypt \
        --sign ~/.netconf
    1. And remove your original .netconf for security:

      shred -u ~/.netconf
  4. Tell Git to use it

    ⚠️ Make sure that ~/.local/bin is in $PATH

    git config --global credential.helper 'netconf --debug'

    Read more about flags for git-credential-netconf here.

  5. Now use git without hassle!

    git push

    This will prompt git-credential-netconf to decrypt the ~/.netconf file using GPG and fetch the username and password, among other values.

    You'll be asked for the password to GPG private key when decrypting.

Usage Details

usage: git-credential-netconf [-h] [-g GPG] [-d] [-f FILE] [-q]
                              {get,store,erase} ...

Easy credential management using GPG.

positional arguments:
  {get,store,erase}     The credential operation to use.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g GPG, --gpg GPG     The `gpg` program to use.
  -d, --debug           Show output of `gpg` (it prints into `stderr`).
  -f FILE, --file FILE  The `.netconf.gpg` file to use.
  -q, --quit-on-failure
                        Do not let Git consult any more helpers if an error is
                        encountered while decryption.

git-credential-netconf is licensed under MIT license. Visit
<> for more info.

About .netconf file

.netconf can be used as a direct replacement for .netrc file, with the advantage of being more convenient to use.

The section name

You can use any name for the section name, but using conf is the convention.

The keys

This table shows the equivalent values for .netconf, .netrc and git-credential keys:

.netconf .netrc like git-credential
login, user, username login username
machine, host machine host
path path
password password password
port1, protocol protocol

1: If port is an integer, it is used as a host:port format.

Why another tool?

  • All other tools are very hard to configure properly.
  • Using Perl is as clear as mud.
  • Python is easy to use, maintain and is very portable.