A well documented starter plugin for quick WordPress plugin development.
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WordPress Starter Plugin

A well documented starter plugin for quick WordPress plugin development complete with inline documentation and working admin options page.

Directory Structure

  • /admin/ - Plugin backend stuff.
  • /functions/ - Functions and plugin operations.
  • /includes/ - External third party classes and libraries.
  • /languages/ - Translation files go here.
  • /public/ - Front end files and functions that matter on the front end go here.
  • index.php - Dummy file.
  • license.txt - GPL v2
  • prefix_starter-plugin.php - Main plugin file containing plugin name and other version info for WordPress.
  • readme.txt - Readme for WordPress plugin repository. https://wordpress.org/plugins/files/2018/01/readme.txt
  • uninstall.php - Fired when the plugin is uninstalled.


  • Note: (S&R) = Search and Replace by matching case.
  • Plugin name: Starter Plugin (S&R)
  • Plugin folder slug: starter-plugin (S&R)
  • Decide on a prefix for the plugin (S&R)
  • Plugin description in prefix_starter-plugin.php
  • Text domain. Text domain for plugins has to be the folder name of the plugin. For eg. if your plugin is in /wp-content/plugins/abc-def/ folder text domain should be abc-def (S&R)
  • Update prefix_settings_link() in \admin\basic-setup.php
  • Update prefix_footer_text() in \admin\basic-setup.php
  • Update prefix_add_menu_links() in \admin\admin-ui-setup.php
  • Update prefix_register_settings() in \admin\admin-ui-setup.php
  • Update UI format and settings in \admin\admin-ui-render.php
  • Update uninstall.php
  • Update readme.txt
  • Update PREFIX_VERSION_NUM in prefix_starter-plugin.php (keep this line for future updates)