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A simple ruby + rack application for serving a basic static website, suitable for deploying to Heroku. Their free 1-dyno plan covers 80% of my projects and Just Works™

For even simpler free HTML cloud hosting check out GitHub Pages.

I put static sites on Heroku when I will be adding some simple dynamic stuff later, or for redundancy with GH pages (whose uptime isn't perfect).


Run the app locally:

  1. gem install bundler
  2. bundle install
  3. bundle exec rackup
  4. Visit http://localhost:9292

Make something great, then push it to your Heroku account:

  1. gem install heroku
  2. heroku login
  3. heroku create --stack=cedar mynewapp
  4. git push heroku master


© copyfree 2012 Jamie Dubs. This source code made freely available under an MIT License.

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