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CS577 CourseWork Project

A File Sharing System using IPFS and BlockChain

Things to Install


Install IPFS following the given link :

Optional : Setup local IPFS

sudo apt-get install git
go get -u
./go/bin/ipfs-swarm-key-gen > ~/.ipfs/swarm.key
ipfs bootstrap rm --all
ipfs config show | grep "PeerID"
hostname -I

Now using PeerID, hostname and bootstrap add command add your PC to the network.

ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/<ip address of bootnode>/tcp/4001/ipfs/<peer identity hash of bootnode>


ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/

Start IPFS network

ipfs daemon


Install any implementation of Ethereum like geth

Or using JVM on

Copy all the contracts file to remix IDE.

Steps to Setup the system

git clone
cd CS577-File-Sharing

For Admin:

ipfs add publickey.pem

You will get IPFS hash of public key. It starts with Qm... Use this to setup users contract.

Using the address of users contract setup IPFS contract.

For User:

  1. Request registration by using IPFS hash of the public key similar to shown above.
  2. {Student : 1, Faculty: 2, Staff: 3} - Give correct group number during registration.
  3. Then the admin will grant registration.

To send a file to the user.

Get the public key of receiver using smart contract.

./scripts/ <filename> <IPFS hash of receivers PublicKey>

You will get a IPFS hash Qm... Using this send it on blockchain using smart contract.

To get a file.

One time Setup:

cd <dir of project>
cp privatekey.pem ./scripts/

Get the hash using smart contract Then,

./scripts/ <File Hash>

The file output will be available at outfile.txt

Other Features

You can add and view contacts using their address in the smart contracts.

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