Ns2 protocol for Connected Dominating Set
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Hello , This is Master's Project writing protocol for creating CDS from given network in NS2.

I have written DACDSA algorithm for finding the CDS also written the Guha Kullar's algorithm to compare with our algorithm

Remember here i have putted all the files for NS-2.35 make changes in all files then run

arun@merom:/home/arun/ns/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34$make clean
arun@merom:/home/arun/ns/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34$ make depend
arun@merom:/home/arun/ns/ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34$sudo make install

For DACDSA algorithm :

$ns at 13.101844 "$routing_(7) CDS \n "
$ns at 131.101844 "$routing_(7) All_Info \n "

then run the Test.tcl file for the simulation remember here there are different modes of protocl like for finding the CDS by DACDS or by Guha1 or by Guha 2

go to in Test.tcl and find under this :) \#Modes of operation by Arun

$ns at 13.101844 "$routing_(7) CDS \n "

here you have to initialize $routing_ function then write this line. Note: here 7 is nothing it's a best node who have maximum degree . so How to find for your Graph ?

Just run for any value for ex. you have graph scenario run

ns Test.tcl > result

then in result find "Best Node is" found result will "Best Node is #some_number" put that some_number in $ns at 13.101844 "$routing_(some_number) CDS \n "

rerun the TCL file . after running the simulation and getting result file go to end of result file you will get the result .

For Guha1 algorithm :

$ns at 131.101844 "$routing_(7) Guha1 \n "
$ns at 131.101844 "$routing_(7) All_Info \n "

For Guha1 algorithm :(these are the changes only)

$ns at 131.101844 "$routing_(7) Guha2 \n "
$ns at 131.101844 "$routing_(7) All_Info \n "

All the best