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Android browser app based on Custom Tabs protocol.

Lynket utilizes Chrome Custom Tab API to create a customized browsing experience while adding innovative features like background loading with floating bubbles, article mode and multitasking using Android's recent menu.

Lynket is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

If you have got some time, read the introduction post on my blog or watch intro Video

enter image description here


Features Demo
Web heads - Floating bubbles to load multiple links and launch them. enter image description here
Web heads - Intelligently manages background loading of Custom Tabs using Android's overview screen. Uses Lollipop Document API. enter image description here
Provider - Lynket works with any custom tab compatible browser. This means features like adblock, Google Account sync, data saver are inherited. enter image description here
Article mode - Filters all unnecessary content and renders web page on a RecyclerView efficiently. Uses Crux library. enter image description here
Minimize and Tabs - Lynket can minimize the tab and also show all active tabs for you to quickly switch to. enter image description here

Architecture and Code Structure

Lynket is written on a MVVM Architecture and uses Dagger 2 for dependency injection. The source code is packaged based on feature.



Below outlines sample structure of most screens. enter image description here

Code Style

  • mNo Hungarion notation.
  • No Impl suffixes for interface implementations. Instead name based on what it does. Ex: AppStore and implementations AppDiskStore and AppSystemStore.
  • All new modules are preferred to be written in Kotlin
  • Formatting - Android Studio Default.


You are more than welcome to contribute to Lynket's development. New features are branched off of develop . PRs are welcome against the develop branch. How you can help:

  • Grab an issue from issues section that interests you.
  • Unit testing using Roboelectric and Dagger 2 is already setup but coverage is rather low. Adding tests to existing features would greatly help! Refer src/test/.
  • Break the ice. Feel free to create an issue to discuss your ideas.


Lynket is licensed under the GNU v3 Public License.