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Custom Java code samples for Rational Performance Tester
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Custom Java code samples for Rational Performance Tester, One Test Studio Performance and Web UI


This project contains sample Java code samples which could be useful in parameterizing test scripts with out-of-box stuff such as regular expression based replacements, custom data sources etc. which can't be built using datapools, correlation or in-built data sources. Refer the KC article here.

The Knowledge Center contains some commonly used samples here. They are not being added here to avoid duplication.


To use the samples, first, copy the required Java file to the src/customcode path in the Performance Test/Test Workbench project's folder in the workspace. Next, insert a new custom code element in the required test script and use customcode. as the name of the source script. Avoid using the "Generate code" button to avoid overwriting the Java file that was copied in.


This project contains source code samples used for extending test scripts developed using IBM Rational Testing products. Please review the license information covering the product documentation before use.

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