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Brunch with Elm, Jade, and Stylus

This is an HTML5 application, built with Brunch. This recipe uses Elm for components, Jade for templating, and Stylus for styling.

Getting started

  • Install (if you don't have them):
    • Node.js: brew install node on OS X
    • Brunch: npm install -g brunch
    • Brunch plugins and app dependencies: npm install
  • Run:
    • brunch watch --server — watches the project with continuous rebuild. This will also launch HTTP server with pushState.
    • brunch build --production — builds minified project for production
  • Learn:
    • public/ dir is fully auto-generated and served by HTTP server. Write your code in the app/ dir.
      • Place Elm code in the app/elm dir.
      • Place Jade templates in the app/templates dir.
      • Place Styles templates in the app/styl dir.
      • Place custom javascript in the app/javascripts dir.
    • Place 3rd party javascript libraries in the vendor dir.
    • Place static files you want to be copied from app/assets/ to public/.
    • Brunch site, Getting started guide