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Failed test (timeout) with example #2 in docs #43

sterlingwes opened this Issue Aug 3, 2013 · 3 comments

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Looks like others have experienced this issue (, namely:

Failure on test 2 of example 2 ("using both client and the server")

Error is "timeout of 2000ms exceeded"

I've tried suggested fixes in the SO question, including upgrading my Node.js version to no avail. Does anyone have a workaround? Otherwise, seems like a great test suite, please keep up the great work!


To add to this issue,
I have also tried getting this to work but I can't figure out why it doesn't.

I still get this issue on both my Macbook Air and Macbook Pro
I have tried versions 0.10.4, 0.10.8, 0.10.10, 0.10.18

and all the versions return "Error: timeout of 2000ms exceeded"

arunoda commented Sep 12, 2013

There is another issues related to this. If your app loads somekind of images and css at load or some db initialisation. This could happens.

  • Try running a server only, if that fails increase timeout time with -t
  • If this works try running a client only test, if this also fails increase the timeout
zhaoyou commented Apr 25, 2014

node.js v0.10.22
laika v0.3.9
meteor v0.8.0.1
os: OS X 10.9.2

@arunoda I create empty project, few css,image. laika -t big number. it does't work.

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