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Nariya - Simple Continuous Deployment Server

Simple Continuous Deployment Server

Nariya is a Continuous Deployment Server written in node.js and Design for easy of use. Currently It supports Github and Bitbucket based deployments.

Great for NodeJS project but designed to be work with any project


How It Works

  • Install Nariya on your Server
  • First you add your Github based project to Nariya (its very easy)
  • You'll get an unique web url
  • Then you've to configure above as an Github Service Hook (webhook)
  • After that when you did a commit following happens
  • Nariya will get the updated codebase to the server from github
  • Then if it is an NodeJS project it will npm install
  • After if your projet folder has file it will be executed
  • Then If your node project has start*.js file Nariya will start that script with forever eg:- start-app.js, startApp.js
  • Then it will look for and execute if exists
  • You will get an email notification once this completed (look for configurations)


sudo npm install forever -g
sudo npm install nariya -g


  • Start the Server - nariya start
  • Visit your github based project and add it - nariya add <project name>
  • You'll be shown an url
  • Then add the url you generated as an Github Service Hook
  • That's all. Push some commit to master branch ans see for your self
  • Add any number of projects you want


  • Nariya create an folder called .nariya on your home folder
  • It contains nariya.conf file where you can add and edit project
  • Also it contains log files for both nariya it self and projects as well
  • In order work email notification correctly. You've to edit the nariya.conf
  • Most of the configurations for the app is auto generated when adding. You can config via nariya.conf. Such as custom logpath, branch to get pulls