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Continuous Deploymentor for NodeJS

Nariya is powered by Git and Web Hooks. Nariya gets updates for the project using git pull master And a valid nariya project should have followings

  • package.json file
  • start.js - which should inititate the application
  • start.js should takes whateever the port required to starts the app using arguments eg:- if the app required 2 ports node start.js 8090 8091


sudo npm install nariya -g


  • Visit to the project folder (git enabled)
  • If your project only required one port and we need two workers

    nariya --api 8000 -p 8081 -p 8082

Trigger Update

  • As in the above example nariya's api runs on port 8000
  • If you need to trigger the deployment send an HTTP request

    curl http://localhost:8000/update -X POST

  • This always start new app by port by port. If you have 3 workers running with the every deployment you always have 2 workers running everytime


Logs available at the following folder

  • $HOME - home folder of the machine
  • $APPNAME - appname retrieved from the package.json
  • $PORT - port where worker is running

Temporary App Folder

Tempory apps are copied to following folder


Email Notificator

Config File

Following configuration should stored in email.json file at the root folder

    "smtp": {
        "host": "",
        "port": 587,
        "ssl": false,
        "use_authentication": true,
        "user": "",
        "pass": "sdfdsfsd"

    "me": {
        "name": "Arunoda Susiripala",
        "email": ""

    "receivers": [
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