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Travis CI support for Meteor (Smart) Packages
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Cope with change in Travis that now requires sudo for some steps.


Travis CI support for Meteor (Smart) Packages

Add following file to your meteor package as .travis.yml

## Add this file to your meteor package as `.travis.yml`

sudo: required
language: node_js
  - "0.8"
  - "0.10"

  - "curl -L | /bin/sh"

URGENT UPDATE (2015/03/31) : Please note that the latest version of .travis.yaml now includes "sudo: required" to cope with new permissions constraints in Travis virtual machines.

Login to with Github and navigate to

Enable travis support for your project listed there.

Meteor Cluster - Travis Support

You can configure tests with two environment variables:

  • WORKING_DIR -- working directory to run meteor from
  • PACKAGES -- list of package names or directories to test, separated by ;, by default ./; specfiy empty string to test all packages
  • TEST_COMMAND -- you can specify a custom command to run, instead of default meteor, it gets all the arguments meteor would; this is useful if you want to do some more pre- or post-processing
  • METEOR_RELEASE -- you can specify the meteor release to run the tests with.

If you would like to specify more arguments (such as --settings), create a simple shell script and pass the path to TEST_COMMAND.

Create the following (name not important):

meteor "$@" --settings test/settings.travis.json

Add the following environment variable to your .travis.yml:


Be sure to set the executable flag on your new script:

$ chmod +x

See here for more information

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