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Slides, data and answers for SatRdays workshop @Budapest, Hungary

This 90-minutes workshop is intended to just introduce data.table's general form a.k.a. DT[i, j, by] syntax. I ask the participants to solve Exercise 1 using base R at first, following which I explain the inconsistencies in syntax to solve common data wrangling issues and proceed towards how data.table approaches to simplify them.

Note that, due to time limitations, there's a lot of features, enhancements, optimisations etc. this workshop does not cover. To learn more about data.table, please visit the project home page and go through the vignettes. Also keep an eye on issue #944 for the remaining vignettes that will be rolled out as soon as possible.

In particular, if you are interested in the concepts covered in this workshop, it would be useful to go through the talk, slides and video, I gave at SatRdays on data.table's syntax and recent features.

I also suggest going through the Articles on data.table and talks from us, data.table authors.


Slides, data and answers for SatRdays workshop, Budapest, Hungary



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