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A WebHook endpoint which translates TenderApp discussions to GitHub issues.
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Dustin is a WebHook endpoint which will translate Tender ( discussions into GitHub ( issues. Dustin is named after Dustin Hoffman from the 1991 movie Hook. (Lame I know, but it's past midnight and I wanted to ship today)

It's primarily meant to be deployed as a Heroku app for your own personal needs.

Instructions to deploy to Heroku

1. Clone the Dustin repository: git clone git://

2. Install the heroku gem: gem install heroku

3. Create a new Heroku App: heroku create my_hooks (The app will then be created at

4. Dustin needs three environment variables set up: Your GitHub username, your GitHub API Token (available at and the repository you want to associate with your TenderApp account.

Set them like this: heroku config:add repo=Mclovin-s-Great-App username=arunthampi token=abcdef

5. Deploy to heroku: git push heroku master

6. Goto your TenderApp settings page for webhooks: (E.g. 

  6.1 Create a new webhook and set the URL to be
Voila! All discussions categorized as problems, come up as issues on GitHub issues.

You can try this out by creating discussions at and looking at for the corresponding GitHub issue. [Please note: my TenderApp account is only valid for 30 days from 7-Jan-2010, so no guarantees this will work in future.]

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