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githeroes is a simple web app which lets developers vote for their heroes on GitHub by using their GitHub credentials. It was a weekend project done just before New Years and it surprisingly got featured on The Next Web.

I decided to open-source it in the hope that its helpful as a starting point for someone trying to setup a Rails 3.1 application. Some of the "fancy" tech which has gone into this is:

  • SASS
  • Coffeescript
  • PostgreSQL Windowing and Ranking
  • GitHub OAuth

You can read more about the windowing and ranking here.

Hack arunthampi/githeroes on Nitrous.IO


  1. Setup PostgreSQL: Unfortunately doesn't work with databases other than Postgres. You will have to set it up yourself using brew or a package manager of your choice.

  2. Setup database.yml: Copy config/database.yml.sample to config/database.yml and make sure you have the database specified in config/database.yml created in PostgreSQL. By default its githeroes_development for development and githeroes_test for testing.

  3. Setup GitHub keys: You need to setup a GitHub OAuth application and choose whatever name you like. If you're testing out locally, set the Main URL to be http://localhost:3000 (assuming you're running on port 3000 of course) and set the callback URL to be http://localhost:3000/heroes/auth/github/callback. For production use, change the host to whatever your production host is but the paths remain the same.

  4. Setup your gem bundle: Run bundle install from the root of the app.

  5. Specs: There are some specs, which you can run using rspec from the root of the app - rspec spec/ (You need to have setup the test database before you can run specs)

    5.1 Setting up the test database schema: After you setup the test database in PostgreSQL, you need to run rake db:test:prepare from the root of the app to import the current database schema to your test database.

Happy Hacking!

This is a simple app which was hosted on Heroku and I have no plans to continue to support it. If you'd like to use it, you can under the terms of the MIT License.

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