A sample lab test environment to help in preparation of CKA certification.
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Getting the environment up and ready

Make sure that you have docker-compose installed(installation instructions).

To start the lab environment you can do either of the following two:

  • To use the prebuilt images run: docker-compose up -d and point your browser to http://localhost
  • To build the images yourself locally run: docker-compose -f docker-compose-builder.yml up -d and point your browser to http://localhost

Things to note:

  • The setup currently is in Bring Your Own Cluster state.
  • If your reload the exam.html it will reset the timer as the timer currently being used is jQuery based. - solution WIP
  • Since we are using jQuery to initialize and connect to GateOne therefore the application needs to be reachable from your browser host on port 8080. - solution WIP