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* htstress
Fast HTTP Benchmarking Tool

htstress is used for benchmarking HTTP services
on Linux. It's similar to Apache Benchmark (ab) 
but provides multithreading support which is 
essential in bechmarking highload services (>5K rps).

htstress does not require any libs. Just run 

Arguments are similar to ab's:

-n total number of requests to make [OPTIONAL]
-c concurrency
-t threads number

If -n is missing, endless benchmark is started.
Use Ctrl-C to abort and see the result.

Set threads number equal to the number of
cores in your CPU for best results.

Here's the result of running htstress on 8-core 
machine benchmarking dummy NGINX page:

./htstress -n 10000 -c 100 -t 8 localhost:8087

0 requests
1000 requests
2000 requests
3000 requests
4000 requests
5000 requests
6000 requests
7000 requests
8000 requests
9000 requests

requests:      10000          <-- total #requests
good requests: 10000 [100%]   <-- #requests ended with 1xx, 2xx, 3xx codes
bad requests:  0 [0%]         <-- #requests ended with 4xx or 5xx code
seconds:       0.742
requests/sec:  13469.301      <-- rps - major benchmark result

Let's take a look what we have in single-threaded case.
Try ab first:

ab -n 10000 -c 100 http://localhost:8087/
This is ApacheBench, Version 1.3d <$Revision: $> apache-1.3
Copyright (c) 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd,
Copyright (c) 2006 The Apache Software Foundation,
Requests per second:    8554.32 [#/sec] (mean) <-- not much

Try htstress in single-threaded mode:

./htstress -n 10000 -c 100 -t 1 localhost:8087
requests/sec:  8679.237 <-- similar rps in single-threaded case

We have 8.5K rps in singlethreaded case 
vs 13K rps in multithreaded.

It's obvious single-threaded HTTP benchmarking is
not enough to test high-load event-based services. 
The benchmark tool itself eats 100% of a
single CPU core and cannot give a true result.


(c) 2011 Roman Arutyunyan (