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* Copyright (c) 2012 Roman Arutyunyan
#include "ngx_rtmp.h"
#include "ngx_rtmp_cmd_module.h"
#include "ngx_rtmp_bandwidth.h"
#include "ngx_rtmp_streams.h"
/* session flags */
typedef struct ngx_rtmp_live_ctx_s ngx_rtmp_live_ctx_t;
typedef struct ngx_rtmp_live_stream_s ngx_rtmp_live_stream_t;
struct ngx_rtmp_live_ctx_s {
ngx_rtmp_session_t *session;
ngx_rtmp_live_stream_t *stream;
ngx_rtmp_live_ctx_t *next;
ngx_uint_t flags;
ngx_uint_t msg_mask;
ngx_uint_t dropped;
uint32_t csid;
uint32_t next_push;
uint32_t last_audio;
uint32_t last_video;
ngx_uint_t aac_version;
ngx_uint_t avc_version;
ngx_uint_t meta_version;
struct ngx_rtmp_live_stream_s {
u_char name[NGX_RTMP_MAX_NAME];
ngx_rtmp_live_stream_t *next;
ngx_rtmp_live_ctx_t *ctx;
ngx_uint_t flags;
ngx_rtmp_bandwidth_t bw_in;
ngx_rtmp_bandwidth_t bw_out;
ngx_msec_t epoch;
typedef struct {
ngx_int_t nbuckets;
ngx_rtmp_live_stream_t **streams;
ngx_flag_t live;
ngx_flag_t meta;
ngx_msec_t buflen;
ngx_pool_t *pool;
ngx_rtmp_live_stream_t *free_streams;
} ngx_rtmp_live_app_conf_t;
extern ngx_module_t ngx_rtmp_live_module;
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