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* Copyright (c) 2012 Roman Arutyunyan
#include <ngx_config.h>
#include <ngx_core.h>
#include "ngx_rtmp.h"
typedef ngx_chain_t * (*ngx_rtmp_netcall_create_pt)(ngx_rtmp_session_t *s,
void *arg, ngx_pool_t *pool);
typedef ngx_int_t (*ngx_rtmp_netcall_filter_pt)(ngx_chain_t *in);
typedef ngx_int_t (*ngx_rtmp_netcall_handle_pt)(ngx_rtmp_session_t *s,
void *arg, ngx_chain_t *in);
/* If handle is NULL then netcall is created detached
* which means it's completely independent of RTMP
* session and its result is never visible to anyone.
* WARNING: It's not recommended to create non-detached
* netcalls from disconect handlers. Netcall disconnect
* handler which detaches active netcalls is executed
* BEFORE your handler. It leads to a crash
* after netcall connection is closed */
typedef struct {
ngx_url_t *url;
ngx_rtmp_netcall_create_pt create;
ngx_rtmp_netcall_filter_pt filter;
ngx_rtmp_netcall_handle_pt handle;
void *arg;
size_t argsize;
} ngx_rtmp_netcall_init_t;
ngx_int_t ngx_rtmp_netcall_create(ngx_rtmp_session_t *s,
ngx_rtmp_netcall_init_t *ci);
extern ngx_str_t ngx_rtmp_netcall_content_type_urlencoded;
/* HTTP handling */
ngx_chain_t * ngx_rtmp_netcall_http_format_session(ngx_rtmp_session_t *s,
ngx_pool_t *pool);
ngx_chain_t * ngx_rtmp_netcall_http_format_header(ngx_url_t *url,
ngx_pool_t *pool, size_t content_length, ngx_str_t *content_type);
ngx_chain_t * ngx_rtmp_netcall_http_skip_header(ngx_chain_t *in);
/* Memcache handling */
ngx_chain_t * ngx_rtmp_netcall_memcache_set(ngx_rtmp_session_t *s,
ngx_pool_t *pool, ngx_str_t *key, ngx_str_t *value,
ngx_uint_t flags, ngx_uint_t sec);
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