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Use as edge repeater #80

zallesov opened this Issue Oct 4, 2012 · 3 comments

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zallesov commented Oct 4, 2012

Hello. Can I use nginx-rtmp-module as edge server for Wowza origin. I did not find a tutorial on how to set this up. You call this feature pull from remote server.

Can I use swap my Wowza edge repeaters with nginx-rtmp-module. Is it powerful enough to serve tens of simultaneous streams. Do i need several instances or threads of the module for that?

This is the most common case for this module, can you please provide a tutorial on how to set this up.


arut commented Oct 4, 2012

No tutorial so far. I will write when I have enough time. nginx-rtmp is much more powerful in terms of output bandwidth and number of clients.

You can use pull command to do what you want. For a complete list of directives and pull syntax read wiki.


I also having few problems with rtmp-module pull feature:
When bandwidth between nginx and core server is low,then video and audio not sync.

arut commented Oct 7, 2012

Client synchronization problem is solved with sync-atc branch and sync directive like this:

sync 300ms;

300ms is max. divergence between audio and video tracks.

However in your case it seems you have server sync, it's problem of nginx-rtmp but the problem of core server.

@arut arut closed this Nov 13, 2012
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