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Possibility of on_disconnect event? #88

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Roman Arutyunyan
Deleted user

When a video starts recording, the on_publish event fires. If the video closes cleanly from the client, the on_done event also fires. If for some reason the client crashed or was terminated by the user, the on_done never fires.

Would it be possible to handle lost connections in such a way that either the on_done or some other event (on_disconnect?) fires so the the HTTP callback service can clean up the orphaned files? Or do I have to resort to a cron job that runs ever fifteen minutes that looks for files that haven't been written to in a while?

I would greatly appreciate your input.

-Paul Howes

Roman Arutyunyan

on_done, on_publish_done and on_play_done should always be called whether client disconnects correctly or not.

Deleted user

Thanks for the quick reply!

I didn't know that the events are fired even if the client doesn't cleanly disconnect. I guess the orphaned files are due to some other cause. Time to roll up my sleeves... :-)

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