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Live Streaming in MP4 (for Blackberry etc.) #93

oncletom opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Great module. It works pretty fine and it was much more easier to configure than Flash Media Server.

There is already a solution to stream static MP4 files.

Is it possible, or is it planned, to live stream for Blackberry using MP4 over HTTP (like HLS in fact), or through RTSP?

Thanks very much for your help :-)


mp4-over-http is hds, it's not supported.
rtsp is not supported too.
only rtmp and hls


Thanks for your rapid answer.

So I guess you don't plan to support any of rtsp nor fragmented mp4 (hds)?


Exactly. No such plans so far. Maybe in future.


Cool. Thanks :)

@oncletom oncletom closed this

i just wanted to let you know that i've setup crtmpserver for RTSP. i've disabled all other streams by crtmpdserver but RTSP and then used nginx-rtmp's exec function to feed crtmpserver with ffmpeg. CPU usage of the re-packaging process is very low because only re-packaging is done.


@hatsch How to used nginx-rtmp's exec function to feed crtmpserver with ffmpeg? Could you tell me how to do it in detail? Thank you very much.

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