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Speak math, get LaTeX!

SayTeX is a tool for converting spoken math into LaTeX equations.

Read the documentation at

Experience the demo at


SayTeX is distributed as a Python package, enabling users of it to easily convert between transcribed spoken math and LaTeX.

Paired with a speech recognition service, the SayTeX Python package can be used for dictating LaTeX, as shown in the demo.

The package is highly configurable.


Install SayTeX using PyPI: pip install saytex.

Read more in the installation documentation.


from saytex import Saytex

saytex_compiler = Saytex()

print(saytex_compiler.to_latex("pi squared over six"))

The above minimal example will print \frac{\pi^2}{6}. For advanced use, read the documentation.

Repository Structure

  • blog: A collection of Markdown files written during the second half of SayTeX development, in diary format.
  • demo: A Flask web server powering the demo website.
  • docs: Documentation files, generated using Sphinx, for the documentation website.
  • experimental: Everything that is not currently in use by the project, but was experimented with during development and might become useful in the future.
  • research-proposals: Two PDF documents defining the goals of and plans for the SayTeX project.
  • saytex: The Python package. This is the core of the SayTeX project.
  • syntax-specifications: Specifications of the SayTeX Syntax.
  • tests: Tests for the Python package.
  • website: The static website served at


SayTeX was developed during the academic year 2018-2019 as a research project by Arvid Lunnemark, under the supervision of Dr. Kyle Keane within the Department of Materials Science in the Interactive Materials Education Laboratory at MIT. The research proposals can be found in the folder research-proposals.

All code is open source and licensed under the MIT License. Contributions are welcome.