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Drag Stuff

Drag Stuff is a minor mode for Emacs that makes it possible to drag stuff, such as words, region and lines, around in Emacs.


First download the drag-stuff.el file. If you use git you can fetch it from Github $ git clone git://github.com/rejeep/drag-stuff.git ~/.emacs.d/packages/drag-stuff

Make sure it's in Emacs load-path (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/packages/drag-stuff")

Then require it (require 'drag-stuff)


To start drag-stuff (drag-stuff-mode t) or M-x drag-stuff-mode

Or if you want it to be done automatically (drag-stuff-global-mode t)

Drag line

To drag a line up and down. Put the cursor on that line and press and .

Drag lines

To drag several lines up and down. Select the lines you want to drag and press and .

Drag region

A region can be dragged to the left and right. Select the region you want to drag and press and .

Drag word

To drag a word. Just place the cursor on the word and press and .