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(require 'autopair)
(autopair-global-mode t) ;; enable autopair in all buffers
(setq autopair-autowrap t)
(setq autopair-blink nil)
;; Enables delete-selection in when auto-pair is active.
(put 'autopair-insert-opening 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-skip-close-maybe 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-insert-or-skip-quote 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-extra-insert-opening 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-extra-skip-close-maybe 'delete-selection t)
(put 'autopair-backspace 'delete-selection 'supersede)
(put 'autopair-newline 'delete-selection t)
;; * When transient mark in html-mode buffer, and < is pressed,
;; automatically wrap the marked content with the tag instead of using
;; the normal autopairing.
;; * Disable autopair-newline in html-mode, or figure out what the
;; purpose of it is.
(provide 'arvid-autopair)