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;; Key bindings
;; Nice guide:
"\C-x C-z"
;; Goal columns is bugging me out
"C-x C-n"
"C-x C-b"
;; Mail is bugging me
"C-x m"
"C-n" "C-p" "C-f" "C-b" "C-e"))
(defun make-find-file (file)
`(lambda () (interactive) (find-file ,file)))
(defun make-find-file-readonly (file)
`(lambda () (interactive) (find-file-read-only ,file)))
;; use ido-file-internal instead, since we now cant open dired from
;; ido-find-file-in-dir.
(defun make-find-file-in-dir (dir)
`(lambda () (interactive) (ido-find-file-in-dir ,dir)))
`(("C-c d" duplicate-current-line-or-region)
;;; Quick access to some config files
("<f9>" ,(make-find-file-readonly "~/gluteus/"))
("<f10>" ,(make-find-file "~/org/"))
("<f11>" ,(make-find-file "~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs"))
("<f12>" ,(make-find-file "~/.emacs.d/init.el"))
("C-x nf" ,(make-find-file-in-dir "~/.emacs.d/"))
("C-x nj" ,(make-find-file-in-dir "~/"))
;; ("M-g" goto-line)
("M-#" replace-string)
("M-\"" align-regexp)
("M-a" smart-beginning-of-line)
("M-e" move-end-of-line)
("M-p" scroll-down-keep-cursor)
("M-n" scroll-up-keep-cursor)
("C-å" join-line)
;; Window handling
("C-ä" (lambda () (interactive) (enlarge-window 3)))
("C-Ä" (lambda () (interactive) (enlarge-window -3)))
("C-'" (lambda () (interactive) (enlarge-window-horizontally 3)))
("C-*" (lambda () (interactive) (enlarge-window-horizontally -3)))
("C-M-3" (lambda () (interactive)
;; TODO: in temporary windows (define windows?) bind alt-q to kill
;; buffer instead of just quitting. Also kill all dired some time
;; soon.
;; Files
("C-c C-r" revert-buffer)
;; Registers
;; Does not work, needs param or something
;; (global-set-key (kbd "C-x r i") '(lambda () (interactive)
;; (insert-register t)))
("C-x r a" append-to-register)
;; I never use this, but I should
;; ("M-DEL" report-intelligence-level)
("C-," backward-kill-word)
;; The formatting of these guys suck
("C-c C-d" insert-current-date-time)
("C-c C-t" insert-current-time)
;; Renames current buffer and visiting file.
("C-c C-r" rename-file-and-buffer)
;; Bindings for rejeep-comment
("C-7" comment-or-uncomment-current-line-or-region)
;; For in cli-mode
("C-c 7" comment-or-uncomment-current-line-or-region)
;; These keys are always a pain.
("M-U" ,(make-inserter "["))
("M-I" ,(make-inserter "]"))
("M-J" ,(make-inserter "("))
("M-K" ,(make-inserter ")"))
("M-M" ,(make-inserter "{"))
("M-;" ,(make-inserter "}"))
("M-D" delete-pair)
;; Calculator button I had on one keyboard.
("<XF86Calculator>" calc)
("<f5>" whitespace-mode)
("<f6>" linum-mode)
("M-Q" unfill-paragraph)
;; Bindings for controlling text scale
("C-M-+" text-scale-increase)
("C-M--" text-scale-decrease)
("C-M-0" (lambda () (interactive) (text-scale-increase 0)))
("M-j" backward-char)
("M-k" next-line)
("M-i" previous-line)
("M-l" forward-char)
;; Append / prepend to lines
("C-c n" append-to-lines)
("C-c j" prepend-to-lines)
;; What is current directory?
("C-c i " pwd)
("C-x B" ibuffer)
("C-c m" smerge-mode)
;; Start getting used to the xah-lee bindings
("M-j" backward-char)
("M-l" forward-char)
("M-i" previous-line)
("M-k" next-line)
("C-M-l" downcase-word)
("C-n" comment-indent-new-line)
("§" inc-selective-display)
("M-§" dec-selective-display)
("\C-xQ" my-macro-query)
("M-o" open-line-and-indent)
("C-S-k" kill-whole-line)
("C-x C-k" ido-kill-buffer)
("C-x nh" narrow-to-paragraph)
("M-s o" arvid-occur)
("C-:" find-tag-other-window)
("M-q" (lambda () (interactive) (kill-buffer nil)))
("C-q" fill-paragraph)
("M-g" keyboard-quit)
("C-g" goto-line)
("C-M-7" dup-and-comment)
(defun dup-and-comment ()
(duplicate-current-line-or-region 1)
(define-keys minibuffer-local-map
`(("M-g" minibuffer-keyboard-quit)))
(define-keys isearch-mode-map
`(("M-g" isearch-abort)))
;; TODO function and key for reset-selective display
;; TODO use only one function for dec/set/reset
;; TODO some way of finding highest indentation level and using that as max.
(defun inc-selective-display ()
(setq selective-display
(if selective-display
(1+ selective-display)
(defun dec-selective-display ()
(setq selective-display
(if selective-display
(1- selective-display)