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(require 'sql)
(add-hook 'sql-mode-hook 'my-sql-mode-hook)
(defun my-sql-mode-hook ()
(define-key sql-mode-map (kbd "RET") 'newline-and-indent)
;; Make # start a new line comment in SQL. This is MySQL-specific
;; syntax.
(modify-syntax-entry ?# "< b" sql-mode-syntax-table)
(set-syntax-table sql-mode-syntax-table))
;; (setq sql-mysql-options '("-P 8888"))
(add-hook 'sql-interactive-mode-hook 'my-sqli-mode-hook)
(defun my-sqli-mode-hook ()
`(("ö" ,(make-inserter ";"))
("C-ö" ,(make-inserter "\\G"))
("M-ö" ,(make-inserter "ö")))))
;; Work in progress
(defun ff ()
"temp function. Returns a string based on current regex match."
(let (matchedText newText)
(setq matchedText
(match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)))
(setq newText
(upcase matchedText ))
(defun mysql-upcase-keywords ()
(let ((keywords (car (car sql-mode-mysql-font-lock-keywords))))
(goto-char (region-beginning))
(while (re-search-forward keywords (region-end) t)
(replace-match (ff) nil nil))))
;; Hur läsa av tabeller och databaser för completion:
;; 1) Stäng av echo av output i comint
;; 2) Använd (comint-simple-send ) för att skicka iväg describe ...
;; 3) Sätt på echo igen
;; ... 4) Spara alla data i en struktur, lägg in i auto-complete och yas.
(provide 'arvid-sql)
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