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(require 'psvn)
;; TODO: bind "g" to re-run diff in svn output. psvn does this ;)
;; TODO: make it nicer to y / re-apply hunks. run update directly after applying hunk.
;; TODO: i get the feeling that psvn is much slower than dsvn. why?
;; psvn just checks if there exists a .svn sub-directory.
;; ((svn-dir (format "%s%s"
;; (file-name-as-directory dir)
;; (svn-wc-adm-dir-name)))
;; (cvs-dir (format "%sCVS" (file-name-as-directory dir))))
;; (cond
;; ((file-directory-p svn-dir)
;; magit uses (magit-get-top-dir dir)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-x G") 'svn-status)
;; Add spell-checking when writing commit messages.
(add-hook 'svn-log-edit-mode-hook 'flyspell-mode)
(setq svn-status-default-diff-arguments '("-x" "--ignore-eol-style"))
(defconst arvid-svn-resolve-resolution-accept-types
'("theirs-full" "working" "base" "mine-full")
"Arguments possible to svn resolve --accept")
(defun arvid-svn-resolve-conflict-at-point ()
(catch :error
(let* ((resolution (ido-completing-read
"Resolve how? "
(svn-status-create-arg-file svn-status-temp-arg-file "" (svn-status-marked-files) "")
t t 'resolve
"resolve" "--accept" resolution "--targets" svn-status-temp-arg-file))))
(provide 'arvid-svn)