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;; timeclock
(require 'timeclock-x)
;; TODO:
;; * Log time to basecamp?
;; * A way of distinguishing support projects
;; * Suggest project by checking timelog, also use ido for selection
;; * Update mode-line when rereading log (defadvice the reread-log function?)
;; * Generate report. Check the report-generation already there.
;; * When using timeclock-change, one is prompted for comments twice.
;; * Set fill-prefix to ">> " when editing timelog.
(defun timeclock-out (&optional arg reason find-reason)
"Clock out like normal but add minutes spent to the end of the
(interactive "P")
(or timeclock-last-event
(error "You haven't clocked in!"))
(if (equal (downcase (car timeclock-last-event)) "o")
(error "You've already clocked out!")
(if arg "O" "o")
(concat (or reason
(and timeclock-get-reason-function
(or find-reason (interactive-p))
(funcall timeclock-get-reason-function)))
" | Minutes spent: "
(ceiling (/ (timeclock-last-period) 60)))))
(run-hooks 'timeclock-out-hook)
(if arg
(run-hooks 'timeclock-done-hook))))
(defmacro make-timeclock-out (reason)
`(lambda () (interactive) (timeclock-out nil ,reason)))
;; TODO: Only set prefix key once.
;; TODO: Make helper for defining a lot of bindings for one prefix.
`(("C-c ti" timeclock-in)
("C-c too" timeclock-out)
;; Most common reasons I have for clocking out.
("C-c tof" ,(make-timeclock-out "fika"))
("C-c tol" ,(make-timeclock-out "lunch"))
("C-c toh" ,(make-timeclock-out "hem"))
("C-c top" ,(make-timeclock-out "paus"))
("C-c tc" timeclock-change)
("C-c tr" timeclock-reread-log)
("C-c tu" timeclock-update-modeline)
("C-c tw" timeclock-when-to-leave-string)
("C-c tf" timeclock-visit-timelog)))
(add-hook 'timeclock-in-hook '(lambda () (set-face-background 'mode-line "#444488")))
(add-hook 'timeclock-out-hook '(lambda () (set-face-background 'mode-line "#555753")))
(defadvice timeclock-visit-timelog (after my-timeclock-visit-timelog () activate)
"Advice the timelog timeclock-visit-timelog function so that the
timelog will be re-read after each save."
(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'timeclock-reread-log nil t))
(provide 'arvid-timeclock)