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# spark
+## todo
+* disclaimer
+ * maybe "All the artwork seen here is the property of it's various creators. To support our seven source forums, we always link back to the original thread. However, if you see something that's yours and would like it removed, please let me know here."
+* chat system
+* hide stories / scenes
+* feedback system
+* complaint system
+* only allow images from certain communites?
## modules
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+# Spark.
+## What is Spark?
+Spark is a community-based imageboard for authors. It references images (called 'Scenes') from popular art community sites (such as CGSociety) and allows users to add text (called 'Stories') of any size to the Scenes.
+Images are not hosted on the site, they are referenced via URLs. Additional information must be provided for adding images to Spark. This serves the purpose of paying proper respect to intellectual property rights of the original authors of the images.
+## Why is it on GitHub?
+I want the project to flourish. If you have comments, issues or ideas, feel free to add them to Spark.
+## How can I use Spark?
+Just browse over to []( and start using the site.
+## How can I install it for myself?
+Clone the repo. Easy as that. Run npm for the dependencies, run ``.

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