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Automate & manage your collection.
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A usable, customizable commandline client to automate and manage your pocket collection.



Pocket is an application for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet.

This commandline client interfaces the pocket API and provides a way to interact with your pocket collection.

Using simple command sequences, routine tasks can be automated and reusable scripts can be created.


pockyt does NOT track, store, or monitor your usage and/or data. Moreover, pockyt interacts with the pocket API using local credentials and does not attempt to communicate with any other services.

Quick Start

pockyt supports Python 2.7+ and 3.4+ on Windows, macOS, & GNU/Linux platforms.

  1. pip install pockyt --upgrade
  2. pockyt reg
  3. Follow the prompts to connect your pocket account to pockyt.
  4. Refer the Documentation and Examples for usage info and ideas.


  • Get the latest 5 items' links & excerpts and save them to a file.

    pockyt get -n 5 -f '{link} - {excerpt}' -o readlater.txt
  • Get the oldest 10 items and delete them from Pocket.

    pockyt get -n 10 -r oldest -f '{id}' | pockyt mod -d -i redirect
  • Get all the items about 'python' and open them in a browser.

    pockyt get -q 'python' -o browser
  • Get all the links from a 'links.txt' and add them to Pocket.

    pockyt put -i links.txt
  • Get all favorited items and archive them.

    pockyt get -v 1 | pockyt mod -a 1 -i redirect


pockyt -h :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
connect a pocket account
get pocket collection, with useful item_info
add to pocket collection, using links
modify pocket collection, using item_ids

pockyt get -h :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c <type>, --content <type>
 content type : <type> : {all, [article, video, image]}
-s <state>, --state <state>
 collection state : <state> : {all, [unread, archive]}
-r <order>, --sort <order>
 item sorting : <order> : {newest, [oldest, title, site]}
-n <amount>, --count <amount>
 number of items : <amount> : {-1: all, [n: amount]}
-q <query>, --query <query>
 search query : <query> : {None}
-t <option>, --tag <option>
 filter tag : {-1: nofilter, [tagname: tagged, 0: untagged}
-v <option>, --favorite <option>
 filter favorites : <option> : {-1: No Filter, [1: favorited, 0: un-favorited]}
-d <domain>, --domain <domain>
 restrict items to domain : <domain> : {None}
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
 format output : <specifier> : {'{id} | {title} | {link}', [id, title, link, excerpt, tags]}
-o <option>, --output <option>
 redirect output : <option> : {None, [browser, filename]}

pockyt put -h :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
 unformat input : <specifier> : {'{link}', [id, title, link, excerpt, tags]}
-i <option>, --input <option>
 obtain input : <option> : {console, [redirect, link, filename]}

pockyt mod -h :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
 unformat input : <specifier> : {'{id}', [id, title, link, excerpt, tags]}
-i <option>, --input <option>
 obtain input : <option> : {console, [redirect, filename]}
-d, --delete delete items
-a <option>, --archive <option>
 archive items : <option> : {-1: None, [1: archive, 0: unarchive]}
-v <option>, --favorite <option>
 favorite items : <option> : {-1: None, [1: favorite, 0: unfavorite]}


Feel free to contribute features, bugfixes, improvements, and usage ideas.

Fork pockyt. Work on the source code.

git clone<username>/pockyt.git
cd pockyt
pip install -e .
git checkout -b new-feature
# do stuff
git add .
git commit -am 'commit msg'
git push origin new-feature

Then, submit a pull request.


This project uses the GNU GPLv3 License.

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